If you don't like to go to the gym, or you would like to, but don't have much time, you can train with me in the comfort of your home or outside.

My Mobile Personal Training service involves a first FREE consultation where you will have the opportunity to meet me and explain me what your needs are and what you want to achieve.

After a first consultation, you could choose one of the following packages:

Quarterly (5% discount)
Biannual (10% discount)
1 session per month
1 session per week
2 sessions per week
3 sessions per week

*PAY AS YOU GO* available at £40 per session

All packages includes:

  1. Customised programme design
  2. Full time Nutritional Advisor
  3. Mobility assessment
  4. Monthly progress tracking
  5. Full email and phone support
  6. Motivation

*If you want to train more than 3 sessions per week a further discount will be provided.

** A further discount is available for groups of 2-5 people.