My fitness journey started 10 years ago in my town, Novara, in North Italy (about 60 km from Milan and just 30 minutes from Lake Maggiore), then I moved to the UK in 2011 and here I developed my passion for bodybuilding and powerlifting.
I always loved sport: I practised football, martial arts, swimming, motocross, off-road and I love to snowboard in winter.

Everyone knows that Italians like the "Bella Vita" (Nice Life), but good food and red wine are not enough to achieve it; the pathway to this target passes through an active lifestyle and a balance nutrition. My purpose as Certified Personal Trainer and Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist is to help people improving their quality of life and discovering the power of their body. I want to give my clients the opportunity to change their life for the better; a change that will last, not like the diet of few months where you lose weight and then regain it when you stop it.

I also work as Assistant Physiotherapist at the QMC Hospital in Nottingham where I help people aged 16 -  107 (this is the age of the oldest patient I ever had) to recover from injuries through rehabilitation exercises. This is something I really enjoy: it's amazing to see how people can recover from bad injuries with my support and a good exercise plan.

This is the path I chose and I want to help everyone I'll meet on my way.